Registration Form - Yellow Jacket Sports Camp 2020: Girls Soccer Team Residential Camp

July 12-14, 2020
Registration Deadline: June 23, 2020

This is the registration form for the Girls Soccer Team Camp.

To enable us to care for medical needs that arise during Sports Camps, each student must bring a medical release form signed by a parent or guardian when they come to campus. Print a copy of the medical release form.

The head coaches of each team should complete this registration.
JV and varsity teams must be registered separately.

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Prior to camp, the athletic office will send you a team roster form that must be submitted before camp. This form is also available on the Sports Camps site.


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Team Registration
# resident  @ $225.00
# commuters  @ $180.00
# commuter additional coaches  @ $55.00
# additional female resident coaches  @ $85.00
# additional male resident coaches  @ $85.00
# injured resident players  @ $100.00
# injured commuter players  @ $70.00

Payment Information

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