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 SWK 2330 01Intro Social WorkSherr, Michael Eric3.0$55 LEC APP103 MWF 01:00P-01:50P
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 2350 01Field SurveyHuff Jr., George E.
Huff Jr., George E.
2.0$40 LEC DMC102 M 03:00P-04:50P
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
FLD M 03:00P-04:50P
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 2350 02Field SurveyHuff Jr., George E.
Huff Jr., George E.
2.0$40 LEC DMC103 T 03:00P-04:50P
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
FLD T 03:00P-04:50P
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 2500 01Swk with Aging PopulationsBrown, Melissa D3.0  LEC APP116 MW 12:30P-01:45P
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 2840 01Concpt Chemical DependencyWideman, Barry M3.0  ONL -
Dates: 08/17/20-11/22/20
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 SWK 3010 01Hum Behav/Soc EnvironmentLee, Maurice William3.0  LEC BTS101 R 07:00P-09:45P
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 3020 01SWK Practice with GroupsSherr, Michael Eric3.0$45 LEC BTS103 T 07:00P-09:45P
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 3110 01Soc Welfare Prog & PolBailey, Pamela M3.0$35 LEC BTS103 MW 11:00A-12:15P
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 3210 01Swk Pract w/Indiv & FamiliesBrown, Melissa D4.0  LEC ENS340 MW 08:00A-09:50A
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 3430 01Junior Seminar IBrown, Melissa D1.0  LEC BTS103 F 11:00A-11:50A
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 3430 02Junior Seminar IBrown, Melissa D1.0  LEC BTS103 F 12:00P-12:50P
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 3440 01Junior Field Exp IBrown, Melissa D3.0$150 FE2 -
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 4210 01Swk Pract/Diverse PopulationsLee, Maurice William3.0$15 ONL -
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 4510 01Senior Seminar IHuff Jr., George E.2.0  SEM BTS117 TR 01:00P-01:50P
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 4560 01Senior Field Exp IHuff Jr., George E.6.0$250 FE2 -
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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 SWK 4610 01Statistics for Social WorkersSherr, Michael Eric3.0  ILB TYL101 TR 11:00A-12:20P
Dates: 08/17/20-11/24/20
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