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4296EDEC 2100 01Fine Arts in the ClassroomTraeger, Rebecca Jo
Smith, Denise Stokes
Ferguson, Lori Kay
2.0$10 LEC DMC101 M 04:00P-04:50P
Dates: 08/24/22-12/16/22
LEC WI208 W 04:00P-04:50P
Dates: 08/24/22-12/16/22
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5257EDEC 2300 01Phonics & the Reading ProcessSylvester, Betty R4.0  LEC APP116 MW 02:00P-03:50P
Dates: 08/24/22-12/16/22
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4297EDEC 3200 01Faith & Lrnng Alignment (P-5)Baumann, Ed1.0  LEC CAL209 M 02:00P-03:30P
Dates: 08/24/22-10/31/22
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4298EDEC 3500 01Primary (P-5) EducationNelson, Candace Jane3.0$10 LEC APP116 TR 02:00P-03:30P
Dates: 08/24/22-12/01/22
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4299EDEC 3600 01Issues Primary (P-5) AdminMacKay, Brenda B.3.0  LEC APP116 TR 12:30P-01:55P
Dates: 08/24/22-12/01/22
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4300EDEC 3800 01Tchg Primary (P-5) Lang ArtsBrown, Megan R4.0$30 LEC APP119 M 03:00P-04:20P
Dates: 08/24/22-11/16/22
LEC APP119 W 01:00P-03:40P
Dates: 08/24/22-11/16/22
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4301EDEC 3900 01Kindergarten Field ExperienceBrown, Megan R
Comers, Terry B.
MacKay, Brenda B.
1.0$45 FLD MTWRF 08:00A-03:30P
Dates: 12/02/22-12/16/22
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4302EDEC 3950 01Primary (P-5) Fld Exp IBrown, Megan R
Brown, Megan R
Zhang, Tianhong
3.0$45 FE2 MWF 08:00A-12:00P
Dates: 08/24/22-11/18/22
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4303EDEC 4000 01Read Content Areas: PrimaryMacKay, Brenda B.2.0  LEC APP119 TR 02:00P-03:50P
Dates: 08/24/22-10/18/22
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4304EDEC 4100 01Tchg Primary (P-5) MathFerguson, Lori Kay3.0  LEC APP119 MWF 08:00A-09:50A
Dates: 08/24/22-10/07/22
LEC APP119 MF 08:00A-09:50A
Dates: 10/10/22-10/24/22
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4305EDEC 4200 01Tchg Primary (P-5) ScienceMacKay, Brenda B.3.0$15 LEC APP119 TR 08:00A-09:50A
Dates: 08/24/22-11/03/22
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4306EDEC 4300 01Tchg Primary Social StudiesComers, Terry B.3.0  LEC APP119 TR 11:00A-12:50P
Dates: 08/24/22-11/03/22
LEC APP119 W 11:00A-11:30A
Dates: 08/24/22-10/05/22
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4307EDEC 4450 01Primary (P-5) Fld Exp IIComers, Terry B.
Comers, Terry B.
MacKay, Brenda B.
Leitch, David Byron
3.0$45 FE1 XPSNA W 07:30A-03:30P
Dates: 10/12/22-11/02/22
FE1 XPSNA MTWRF 07:30A-04:00P
Dates: 11/04/22-12/16/22
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4308EDEC 4900 01Stdnt Tchg/Sem: Primary (P-5)Traeger, Rebecca Jo
Comers, Terry B.
Zhang, Tianhong
12.0$380 LEC APP119 TR 05:00P-06:15P
Dates: 08/24/22-12/16/22
FE3 -
Dates: 08/24/22-12/16/22
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4309EDEC 4900 02Stdnt Tchg/Sem: Primary (P-5)MacKay, Brenda B.12.0$380FE5 - Overseas Student Teaching
Dates: 08/24/22-12/16/22
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