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9312MPAS 6000 01Biblical Found/Modern MedicineGrimson, Misti M1.0  LEC CAL251 M 10:00A-10:50A30282Buy My Books
9313MPAS 6100 01Clinical AnatomyDickson, Terry Marc
Grimson, Misti M
Grimson, Misti M
Dickson, Terry Marc
6.0  LEC ENS342 F 09:00A-09:50A
LEC ENS342 MW 01:00P-01:50P
LAB ENS350 MW 02:00P-05:00P
LAB CAL252 MW 02:00P-05:00P
30282Buy My Books
9314MPAS 6101 01Intro to Clinical MedicineClark, Timothy Paul
Honnold, Shelley P
4.0  LEC CAL251 TR 09:00A-10:50A30282Buy My Books
9315MPAS 6102 01Hist Taking/Medical DocumntionFox, Megan Annette
Clark, Timothy Paul
Fox, Megan Annette
3.0  LEC CAL251 T 01:00P-02:50P
LAB CAL252 R 01:00P-02:50P
30282Buy My Books
9316MPAS 6103 01Lab/Diagnostic Testing IGrahame, Jason Allan
Grimson, Misti M
2.0  LEC CAL251 TR 12:00P-12:50P30282Buy My Books
9317MPAS 6104 01Clin Pharm & Therapeutics ILandon, Karen B
Straw, Andrew M
2.0  LEC CAL251 W 08:00A-09:50A30282Buy My Books
9318MPAS 6105 01Intro to the PA ProfessionGrahame, Jason Allan1.0  LEC CAL251 M 09:00A-09:50A30282Buy My Books

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