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5 Ways a Master of Business Administration Can Help Your Career

5 Ways a Master of Business Administration Can Help Your Career

Man standing in front of business meetingPursuing a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) is a significant investment of time and money. Is it worth it? The answer is most definitely, yes. Among others, earning an M.B.A. offers you the following five professional and personal benefits.

New career paths. By choosing a specialization or concentration, you may open yourself to a whole new career field. For example, Cedarville University’s online Master of Business Administration offers five in-demand concentrations. While you’ll develop a sound business foundation, you’ll also be able to specialize with a master's in cybersecurity management or healthcare administration, opening up opportunities in new and exciting fields.

Increased earning potential. Salaries for professionals with an M.B.A. are significantly higher than those with just a bachelor’s degree, and even much higher than those with a different master’s degree. Your higher salary will cover your initial investment in your M.B.A. in two-three years’ time.

Improved professional skills. An M.B.A. will give you invaluable skills that are transferable to almost any industry. Skills such accounting, marketing, financial management, and organizational design will give you an advantage anywhere you go. As an added bonus, Cedarville University’s Christian M.B.A. offers all of this with a biblical worldview. You’ll study business through a biblical lens that emphasizes Christian ethics and servant leadership.

Greater job security. There is a high demand for professionals with an M.B.A. An M.B.A. can increase your job security with your current employer or within your industry. Most organizations see real value in hiring and retaining employees with an M.B.A.

Expanded professional network. You will have great networking opportunities as an M.B.A. student. Your cohort and professors instantly create a network of professionals with whom you can connect throughout your career.

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