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Adversarial Thinking for Cybersecurity

Adversarial Thinking for Cybersecurity

The need for better cybersecurity is becoming more evident every day. One way cyber professionals are protecting our online information is by using adversarial thinking. Adversarial thinking requires understanding the technological capabilities of potential hackers and being able to anticipate where, when, and how they might attack.

In a lecture titled “Introduction to Adversarial Thinking for Cybersecurity" as part of a Foundations of Computer Security Course, Cedarville University’s Dr. Seth Hamman explains adversarial thinking, why it is important for cybersecurity, and how to improve adversarial thinking skills.


Cedarville University is preparing the next generation of excellent Christian cyber professionals. Cedarville offers a bachelor’s degree in cyber operations and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in cybersecurity management. Cedarville University cyber operation program was named a National Security Agency (NSA) National Center for Excellence in Cyber Operations.

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