Cedarville professor Dr. Justin Cole on a television newscast.

Cedarville News

Engineering Project Lab

Cedarville Joins Dayton STEM Workforce Program

A consortium of university and business partners is working to train and retain local STEM talent.
Worship in chapel

HeartSong's "Steadfast Love" Will be Recorded During Live Concert

Heartsong will perform music from their latest album at a free concert March 14.
Alex Hentschel

World Traveler, Transformed Perspective

Senior Spanish major has gained a worldwide point of view.
Net Games for homeschoolers

Freshmen Enjoy Early Teaching Experience

Net Games in the fall and Invasion Games in the spring provide physical education opportunities for homeschoolers.
Brian Burns at CU Lead

CU Lead 2020: Lead Like Jesus

Annual conference will be held on January 18.
Dr. Danny Akin

GO Conference Inspires Students Toward Missions

Dr. Danny Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, is this year's featured speaker.
The First Pitch competition in September 2019

Students Try to Hit a Homerun at "The Pitch"

Second "Shark Tank"-type event set for January 11 in DeVries Theatre.
Captain Jose Rondon

Army Chaplain Speaking in Chapel

Captain Jose Rondon experienced a revival on his base in 2018.
Canine Warriors sculptures

Salute the Wag: Honoring Canine Warriors

Retired Cedarville University professor of studio art James Mellick will display his military dog sculptures through January 31, 2020, at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.
English as a Second Language classes at Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Beavercreek, Ohio.

Immigrants Find Acceptance Through ESL Program

Cedarville students teaching English as a Second Language at Beavercreek, Ohio church.
Person giving a vaccination

Giving Their Best Shot: Vaccination Clinics Train Students

School of Nursing students collaborated with University Medical Services (UMS) to care for fellow students and faculty members.
Hearts for the Homeless team from Cedarville

Blood Pressure Checks for the Homeless

Molecular biology major David Gibbs is offering the service at Target Dayton Ministries.

Students Spending Christmas Break in Israel

Dr. Michael McKay and 20 undergraduate and graduate students are making the trip until January 5.
God's Girls 2019

God's Girls Christmas at the Gospel Mission

Students share the Gospel and fun times with girls living in this neighborhood just south of downtown Dayton.
Dr. Duane Wood

Duane Wood, Retired Academic Vice President, Home with the Lord

He built on Cedarville's quality education, taking its academic programs to new heights.
Ohio First Grant

School of Engineering and Computer Science Receives $411,600 Grant

The state of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) have awarded Cedarville a five-year, $411,600 grant to provide student scholarships in computer science and computer engineering.
Grace Church Thrive

Cedarville Kids Thriving Because of Church-based Tutoring

Cedarville students are faithfully tutoring Cedarville kids through Grace Baptist Church program.
4 Paws puppies on campus

Cuddly Pups Cure Finals Week Stress

4 Paws for 4 Ability in Xenia will bring puppies in training to campus on Thursday from noon to 2 p.m.
Bethany Sibbitt

2019 Pharmacy Alumni Award Winners

Dr. Jordan Nicholls, Dr. Kasandra Chambers, and Dr. Bethany Sibbitt honored.
Student fitting shoes on a child.

Nursing Students Providing Shoes for Xenia Kids

Nursing students are partnering with the Xenia Police Division.