Cedarville professor Dr. Justin Cole on a television newscast.

Cedarville News

Megan Collom

English Major Takes Off to Airport Job Over Break

Megan Collom has met a number of celebrities in her job as a ramp agent for Vail Valley Jet Center in Gypsum, Colorado.
Mark Weinstein and Rufus Mathew

Cedarville Stories Holiday RePodcast: Mission to the (United) Nations

Rufus Mathew grew up in Bahrain and never heard of Cedarville University. So how did he end up on the other side of the globe at this school in the cornfields? Listen to the Cedarville Stories podcast and find out.
EMS 2020 wearing protective masks

Pandemic Paramedics: EMS Serves During COVID

Cedarville’s EMS team was the first collegiate emergency medical service in the nation, and is still on mission, even in the midst of COVID.
Yellow Jackets men's basketball coach Pat Estepp talking to his team in the locker room

Cedarville Stories Podcast: Embracing Today is the Big Win

Yellow Jackets men's head basketball coach Pat Estepp is learning to enjoy the blessings of the Lord day by day.
Nursing student serving at the Life Enrichment Center in Dayton, OH

Nursing Students Serve at Life Enrichment Center Amid COVID

Cedarville University’s seven-year partnership with the Dayton Life Enrichment Center (LEC) has a new look in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Olivia H. #CUGiveThanks

#GivingTuesday to Unlock Extra Gifts on December 1

Generous donors will match Giving Day donations to increase the impact on scholarships and programming.
Professor Derrick Green

Cedarville Stories Podcast: Thankful for Biblical Community

During this Thanksgiving week, one thing is very clear: Derrick Green is thankful for biblical community.
Aidan Graef, Madeline Chairvolotti, and Aaron Campbell

Students Awarded Cybersecurity Full Ride and Internships

Aidan Graef, Madeline Chairvolotti, and Aaron Campbell (L-R), all junior computer science majors specializing in cyber operations, have been awarded scholarships that include full tuition, course fees, $1,500 toward a new laptop, and a $25,000 stipend.
Dr. Seth Hamman

Students Conduct Cybersecurity Research for Lockheed Martin

Cedarville University’s Center for the Advancement of Cybersecurity led the research project, which was completed even with adjustments due to COVID-19.
Jyun Klein and Elizabeth Ezell

A Time for Thanksgiving: Students Adopted Internationally Receive Scholarship

Freshmen Jyun Yuan Klein, a nursing major from Lancaster, South Carolina, and Elizabeth Ezell, a pharmaceutical science major from Cumming, Georgia, are this year's scholarship winners.
Dr. Michael Firmin teaching class

Cedarville Stories Podcast: Remembering Dr. Michael Firmin

Just 12 days after this podcast was recorded, Dr. Michael Firmin, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, passed away suddenly from a heart attack on October 27 and went to be with the Lord.
Wind Symphony

Wind Symphony in Concert on November 21

Dixon Ministry Center in the Jeremiah Chapel is the location for this free event, which is open to the public and follows COVID protocols.
William Imfeld and Chantel Smithers

Finding Thankfulness During COVID-19 Recovery

During this Thanksgiving season, students at Cedarville University are thankful for a rather strange experience: quarantine and isolation due to COVID-19.
Hannah Oaisa

Student Thriving 8,136 Miles from Home

When Hannah Oaisa completed high school in spring 2019, she had her eyes set on attending college as many young graduates do. However, not many students have had to travel as far as she has to follow God's plan.
COVID visualization cases per 100,000

Visualizing a Way to Limit the Pandemic

A team of data analysts at Cedarville University is tracking how COVID-19 is progressing and are communicating the importance of data-driven recommendations.
Dr. Bill Ragle in the Cedarville stock ticker room

Parkinson's Surgery Restores Life to Professor

After years of debilitating tremors and muscle spasms from Parkinson’s disease, Dr. Bill Ragle found life-changing relief this summer.
Dr. Lori Ferguson teaching

Assistant Dean Back Where She Started

Dr. Lori Ferguson graduated from Cedarville University in 1998 with her Bachelor of Science in early childhood education and, now, she's the assistant dean of the School of Education.
Dr. Zach Jenkins

Progress on a COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Zachary Jenkins, an infectious disease expert and associate professor of pharmacy practice at Cedarville University, will present at The American Association of Pharmacists’ COVID-19 Vaccine Landscape seminar on Tuesday, Nov. 17.
Dr. Beth Delaney

Cedarville Stories Podcast: Choosing Love in Tough Times

Life is a process of learning what we can control and what we can’t, and how to trust the Lord through it all. Dr. Beth Delaney’s experience is a testimony to that truth.
nursing home ministry students writing letters to residents

Caring for Nursing Home Residents From Afar

Despite the restrictions of COVID-19, Cedarville University students are continuing to serve nursing home residents and staff by sending gift baskets, writing cards, and praying for the residents.