Cedarville professor Dr. Mark Caleb Smith on a television newscast.

Cedarville News

Taylor and Rachel Hartley

Cedarville Stories Podcast: Nonstop Coast-to-Coast Fight

Rachel Hartley, a 2015 B.S.N. and 2020 M.S.N. Cedarville alumna, has been on the move battling the pandemic for the last year.
Greene County roadkill hotspots map

People's Choice Award for High-Tech Map Making

Two Cedarville University students earned the People’s Choice Award for their global information system (GIS) map showing Ohio wild animal-vehicle collision sites and hotspots.
Pharmacy student giving a vaccination to a mom while her little girl looks on

Cedar Care Pharmacy Vaccinating Cedar Cliff Teachers

The teaching pharmacy of the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy received its first shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine and began vaccinating teachers on Monday.
Founders Hall with Cedarville University sign in foreground

Statement Opposing the Proposed Equality Act

Cedarville University stands committed to Scripture, which teaches that all people are created in the image of God with inherent dignity and value.
Rachel Hartley getting her vaccine shot

Nursing Fighting Coronavirus Coast to Coast

Rachel Hartley, a 2015 B.S.N. and 2020 M.S.N. alumna, began in Virginia, sailed to New York, raised the mainsail again for Connecticut, flew to the Virgin Islands, came back to Ohio, and now is in Los Angeles till the end of March.
2018 fall career fair

Grads Still Finding Jobs Above the National Average

Cedarville’s First Destination Knowledge Rate shows that 96.9% of Cedarville’s 2020 graduates were employed or attending graduate school six to eight months after graduation.
Dr. Murray Murdoch with students in his office

Cedarville Stories Podcast: Worldview is His Passion

Dr. Murray Murdoch has been a steady and consistent voice for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ at Cedarville for 55 years. For him, worldview is everything.
Worship band in chapel

Songwriting Contest Open to Undergrads Till February 26

Cedarville University’s Department of Music and Worship is hosting its ninth annual songwriting contest open to all Cedarville undergraduate students.
Kelsey Laing writing a note to a classmate

Student Goes “Old School” To Forge Connections During COVID

When Kelsey Laing, senior women’s ministry leader, went home for quarantine back in March, she went beyond social media and texting to stay in contact with friends by writing them letters. She turned that effort into a ministry for the school year.
Dr. Chris Miller teaching OT Literature

Old Testament Literature Class Available for Teacher Continuing Education

Christian elementary and secondary teachers with ACSI will be able on March 1 to earn continuing education units (CEUs) using videos from the university’s popular Old Testament (OT) Literature class.
Coach Don Callan's induction to the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum

Cedarville Stories Podcast: God is Not Done With Coach

Don Callan, Cedarville University’s legendary basketball coach, has had a remarkable and, sometimes, unexpected life. But even at age 88, Coach is still inspired by the Lord to serve.
Prof. Jay Kinsinger and student working on a Nash Rambler frame

Grassroots Wreck Tests Engineering Skill on a Budget

With a lifetime of car restoration under his belt, Professor Jay Kinsinger and his students are taking on the ultimate challenge: building a competitive and diversely functional race car for under $2,000.

Education Majors Encourage Young Writers Online

A teaching tool called Kidblog is giving students the opportunity to help elementary-age writers remotely.
Map for African water projects

High-Tech Mapping Brings Clean Water to Africa

Dr. Mark Gathany plans to partner with Water for Good in spring 2021 as they develop plans to expand the water system project.
Jim Stevenson teaching at the International Center for Creativity

Cedarville Stories Podcast: His Creative Mind Reflects the Creator

Jim Stevenson, director of the International Center for Creativity, has a soaring, singing, creative soul, which finds its rest and direction in the One who has gifted him in such amazing ways.
Artwork for Four Comic One-Act Plays

Comic Relief at the Start of Spring Semester

“Four Comic One-Act Plays” by Anton Chekhov will open Thursday, Feb. 4 and close Sunday, Feb. 14. Tickets can be purchased at the Stevens Student Center ticket office. COVID-19 protocols will be observed.
Kyle Peterson at the Second Pitch fall 2020

Angel Network Makes $800,000 Investment

The capital component of Cedarville University’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, the Beyond Angel Network, recently made a capital investment of over $800,000 in exchange for equity interest in two high-growth startups.
Loren and John Berry circa 1968

Berry Family Pledges $1 Million for New Business Center

The Berry Family, Charles D. Berry, John and Shirley Berry, and the Elizabeth Gray Fund, announced its grant award to aid in the construction of the Lorne C. Scharnberg Business Center and establish the Berry Center for Free Enterprise.
Spring Career Fair 2021 logo

From Scared to Prepared: Virtual Career Fair on Wednesday

Cedarville University will hold its spring career fair on Wednesday, Feb. 17, from 10 a.m. to 2:20 p.m, followed by a nursing career fair from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Both fairs will be held virtually through an online platform called Handshake.

Trustees Approve Budget, Announce $1 Million Gift

At its January 22 meeting, the Cedarville University board of trustees approved the 2021-22 budget, faculty tenure, and promotions, and announced a $1 million gift from the Berry Family Foundation.