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Student receives academic support at the Cove


(managing academic probation)

We know transitioning to college or a new school can be challenging. At times, it's our grades that reflect this adjustment. At Cedarville University, we support any student who struggles academically. MAP was created to help you in the context of relationship and accountability. And, research states that students involved in such a program statistically raise their grades!

The probation period is not a punishment, but a unique avenue in which to cultivate scholarship and discipline in you. A fee* that will contribute to the cost of the program will automatically be billed to your student account.

Who: Freshmen or new transfer students on academic probation

What: A program designed to provide academic accountability and to encourage scholastic improvement during the time of probation.


  • To cultivate scholarship and discipline among academically struggling students.
  • To enable students to learn within the dynamics of their lives.
  • To bring concrete strategies to the learning process.
  • To develop life skills that will translate into other realms of living.

When: Fall or Spring semester courses

How well does the MAP program work? Here is Ed Dunning's story.

Program Partners

* The Academic Enrichment Center and the Academic Deans require any Freshmen of new transfer student on academic probation to be enrolled in the Academic Probation Program.