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Federal Direct Student Loan Exit Counseling

Students who have previously borrowed a Federal Direct Student Loan (Sub, Unsub, Grad PLUS) will have to complete the Federal Student Loan Exit Counseling tutorial mandated by the Department of Education upon their graduation, withdrawal, or credit hour reduction to less than half-time.

  • Cedarville University’s Financial Aid office will email students this information to both the student’s Cedarville and personal email (if different from their Cedarville email) within 30 days of the student’s change of enrollment status.
  • Note: This is only a tutorial. If you desire to make a change to your repayment plan, you will have to contact your loan servicer to set this up.
    • You may find your loan servicer by logging into using your FSA ID (FAFSA username and password).

Students have a one-time 6-month Grace Period before repayment of their Federal Student Loan(s) begins.

  • If you are currently enrolled at least half-time in school elsewhere, transferring to another university, or entering graduate school (even if the graduate program is at Cedarville University), then you will not enter your grace period or repayment, but you are still required to complete the Exit Counseling tutorial for Cedarville University.

COMPLETION OF EXIT COUNSELING IS A FEDERAL REQUIREMENT! Cedarville will be notified when you have completed this responsibility.

  • Sometimes if Exit Counseling is completed too early, it will result in our office requesting you to complete again to maintain federal compliance.
  • If you do not complete it within 30 days after the email notification, our office will mail you a letter, requesting you complete this requirement.
  • Exit counseling is a very important and useful tool for you as a borrower:
    • It outlines your responsibilities as a borrower.
    • It explains the various repayment plans (please contact your loan servicer to set up a repayment plan other than the Standard Repayment Plan).
    • It updates the loan servicer with your address and contact information.

To complete Exit Counseling, students must sign into using their FSA ID (FAFSA username and password).

  • Once logged in, click on “Manage Loans” at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on “Complete Exit Counseling” in the drop down menu (towards the left).

Additional information regarding Federal Direct Student Loan Exit Counseling may be found below: