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PLUS Loan Estimator

In an effort to assist parents of dependent Undergraduate students and Graduate students know how much they should request in the PLUS loan, Cedarville has created this page to calculate the PLUS loan fee and add this to the net amount requested. Remember, when a Direct Loan is disbursed to a student's account, a loan fee is assessed by the U.S. Dept. of Education, and it is removed from the disbursed amount. Loan fees are established every October 1 and end September 30. The current PLUS loan fee is 4.228%.

NOTE: The below calculation is only an estimate. Students are responsible for reviewing their bill and if necessary, make changes to the amount disbursed.

The below calculation only assists in obtaining the gross amount to within a few dollars; the Dept. of Education establishes the final amount to disburse with the percent rounding rules. Cedarville is not held responsible for incorrect amounts requested. Again, this is only a tool; students are responsible for reviewing their bill at least once monthly, and ensuring they are in good standing with the Cashier's Office. Their bill is not a "set bill," but rather a "live bill." If a student has additional charges (Campus Store, UMS, etc), their bill will change.

Estimator Tool