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Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program

Cedarville University provides a tuition exchange opportunity through its partnership with the Council of Independent Colleges. This arrangement is reviewed annually.

I. For Cedarville University Employees

To pursue Tuition Exchange opportunities with other participating CIC institutions, visit the CIC Tuition Exchange website to view participating institutions and application procedures and guidelines.

Additional information for full-time Cedarville University faculty, staff, and administrators can be found on the Tuition Remission for dependents of Cedarville University employees webpage.

II. For Employees of other CIC Participating Institutions

The Tuition Exchange program is competitive so early application is encouraged! Eligibility and selection criteria include:

  • Classification: New Freshmen
  • For undergraduate programs only
  • GPA (college or high school)
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Recommendation from pastor: spiritual reputation, Christian testimony, and involvement
  • Activities, accomplishments, and awards: church, school, sports, summer programs, etc.
  • Potential for leadership and contribution to campus life at Cedarville
  • Major field of study
  • Student must be a dependent (as defined by FAFSA) of parent(s) who are employed full time at a participating institution

Aid Application Process

  1. Complete Cedarville University’s regular admission process and be accepted.
  2. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  3. Have the contact person from your school complete and submit the Tuition Exchange Program: Student Application to Cedarville University. If you have any questions, contact Vicky Herby in the Cedarville University Financial Aid Office (937-766-7866).
  4. Cedarville University will select recipients by mid-March.

Tuition Exchange Awarding

Tuition Exchange covers the cost of tuition only (non-tuition charges are the responsibility of the student) and can be used for up to eight semesters of enrollment (fall and spring terms).

The awarding sequence for Tuition Exchange recipients is as follows:

  1. Federal and state grants will be applied first (this will require families to submit a FAFSA for all degree-seeking students).
  2. Institutional aid will be applied next, including but not limited to academic scholarships, need-based grants, athletic aid, music or other performance scholarships, and the matching portion of a church grant.
  3. Tuition Exchange will then be awarded to bring the total aid package to 100% of tuition.
  4. Outside scholarships, including church scholarships, may be applied after the Tuition Exchange award.

Renewal requirements

Yes, this award is renewable as long as the student:

  • Completes the FAFSA annually;
  • Completes the CIC application annually;
  • Maintains Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP); and
  • Remains in “Good Standing” with the University (see below).
  • Student must be a dependent (as defined by FAFSA) of parent(s) who are employed full time at a participating institution

“Good standing” shall be determined as follows:

In support of Cedarville University’s commitment to the individual and communal benefits of the Cedarville community covenant, an annual review of student conduct will be required for scholarship renewal. Any student who, in the sole discretion of the Student Life Deans on a case-by-case basis, has demonstrated a pattern of conduct that indicates disregard for University policies will not be considered eligible for scholarship renewal.

If a student believes his/her status of scholarship eligibility was determined in error or inappropriately, the student has the option to appeal. The student should submit a letter of appeal that details the factors that should be considered in his/her scholarship standing with the University, as well as his/her plans to address the concerns which led to the standing. Submit the appeal to the Director for Student Development within 14 days of notice of non-renewal. The appeal will be reviewed and the student will receive a response within two weeks of a complete submission of the appeal.