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Cedarville's Human Resources building

Instructions for Managers

How to fill a Position: Temp, FT/PT Staff, or Faculty

Step 1: 

  1. Complete an on-line position request.
  2. If request approved, procede to step 2.

Step 2:

  1. UHR will post position.
  2. Applicant pool is created and screened initially by UHR.
  3. Qualified applications are provided to hiring manager.
  4. Hiring manager selects candidates for interview.
  5. Hiring manager makes a recommendation to supervisor and a collective decision is reached.
  6. Final candidate is selected.
  7. Hiring manager communicates chosen candidate to UHR.

Step 3:

  1. Hiring manager submits Request for Background Investigation to UHR. (Note: A background check should be completed prior to an offer being made.)
  2. UHR will notify the hiring manager once the background check is successfully completed.
  3. UHR will generate an offer letter  at hiring manager's request.
  4. UHR will co-sign the offer letter and notify Manager. (Note: No verbal offers should be made without UHR sign off approval)
  5. UHR will coordinate with manager to ensure that all non-selected candidates are notified.