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Conflict Resolution

Need: Conflict Resolution

Do you have a conflict or concern that needs addressed? Cedarville University students should direct their concerns to the Resolving Conflicts and Concerns page. University Faculty and Staff should review the Personnel Policy Handbook section 2.8, Policy for Reporting Unethical or Unlawful Conduct. Before filing any formal complaint, employees are encouraged to follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Carefully consider all aspects of the situation including all of the information available to you that applies to it.  Pray that God will give you clarity of thinking, understanding, wisdom, and humility as you pursue resolution of the issue and meditate on scriptures that will prepare you well for resolution-focused dialogueMatthew 18:15-17Prov. 3:5Phil. 4:6Col. 3:12Phil. 2:3-8James 1:5 and 3:17Prov. 3:13-18Micah 6:81 Cor. 10:31).
  2. As necessary, possible and/or appropriate, seek resolution through the individuals most directly involved in the conflict.  If that is not feasible, go to the individual to whom they directly report.  Seek the advice and assistance of a spiritually mature "counselor" who is knowledgeable regarding the matter and who will provide you with wise counsel. (1 Cor. 14:40Heb. 13:17Rom. 13:11 Pet. 2:13Prov. 11:1412:1515:2219:20 and 24:5-6).
  3. If the conflict remains unresolved, utilize the appropriate appeal or grievance processes to achieve resolution.  The ultimate goal of the resolution process is to glorify God through the restoration of broken relationships. (1 Cor. 10:31Micah 6:8Col. 3:22-25Psalm 51:102 Tim. 2:15Phil. 2:12-13).
    1. Sexual Discrimination (Title IX)
    2. Sexual Harassment
    3. Faculty Grievance Process
  4. Situations may arise where an individual learns of or reasonably suspects unethical or illegal behavior.  To address this type of situation, the University has partnered with Lighthouse, a company that provides a simple way to report behavior that violates the law.  Reports may be filed by calling toll-free, 1 (844) 910-0044, or accessing the "Incident Report" link.

    This service allows students or employees to safely and anonymously (if desired) report concerns to the University's management.  While this is not intended to replace or supersede existing procedures for reporting problems or concerns, it is available when doing so is perceived as threatening or when no satisfactory or timely response was effected through normal channels. 

Cedarville University seeks to consistently model Christ-centered behavior both on and off campus and to encourage others to do the same.  Thank you for helping to maintain the integrity of the University.