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Tuition Remission Benefits


Tuition Remission is provided to Cedarville University employees as a benefit, and eligibility is determined by University Human Resources. Questions about eligibility should be directed to University Human Resources at or 766-7885.

An employee wishing to receive a tuition remission benefit for his or herself, for a spouse, or for a dependent child is required to complete the following forms:

  • Tuition Remission Eligibility Form. (Required of both non-degree and degree-seeking students) This form needs to be completed (one time per person) once the employee, spouse, or dependent has been accepted as a student and enrolled.
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid—FAFSA. (Required of degree-seeking students only) The FAFSA is specific to the academic year and must be completed annually for all degree-seeking students.

Dual Enrollment/CCP

Have a dual enrolled student? Please review the Tuition Remission and CCP for Dual Enrolled Dependents of Cedarville University Employees instructions.

Tuition Remission Awarding Process

The awarding sequence for tuition remission recipients is as follows:

  • Federal and state grants will be applied first (this will require families to submit a FAFSA for all degree-seeking students).
  • Institutional aid will be applied next, including but not limited to academic scholarships and/or need-based grants.
  • Tuition remission will then be awarded to bring the total aid package to 100% of tuition.
  • Outside scholarships, Cedarville’s talent-based scholarships (athletic, music, worship, pharmacy, debate team, speech team, and theatre), Cedarville’s church matching scholarship, and donor funded scholarships will be applied after the tuition remission award.

Eligible students will continue to receive an aid package totaling 100% of tuition. Although the tuition remission benefit has not been reduced, a revision to the awarding sequence may reduce the University’s tuition remission obligation, and in some cases will reduce the total financial aid package families receive.

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For the complete guidelines regarding Tuition Remission, please review section 4.4 in the University Personnel Policy Handbook.

Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program

Cedarville University participates in the Tuition Exchange program sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges. To explore tuition exchange opportunities with other participating CIC institutions, visit the CIC Tuition Exchange website to view participating institutions and application procedures and guidelines.