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Cedarville's Post Office

Faculty/Staff Information

It is our desire to assist you with your outgoing and intra campus mail in an efficient and courteous manner. We have designed this list of policies to orient you to our procedures.

  • Outgoing US department mail is processed through the postage meter equipment. (No personal mail please)
  • All mail will be considered first class unless otherwise indicated.
  • Separate campus mail from US, please bundle with a rubber band (which can be obtained at the window) Campus mail may be dropped in the mail slots, or large amounts can be left at the counter. Please ring bell to notify us it is there.
  • Mail is charged to department accounts through a barcode scanning system. When you bring mail to the window, please place your mail in the appropriate file folder for your department. If your mail is to large in quantity or size for the folder, please find your department card in the index file and place it with your mailpiece(s).
  • Please keep international mail separated.
  • Bulky envelopes or those not normal size should be sealed before bringing to be mailed.
  • On rainy days please cover mail, otherwise the envelopes will stick together and will not seal properly.
  • If mail is not sealed, envelope flaps should be down in a closed position.
  • Tubs are delivered twice a day (except summer)
  • Packages & large boxes are delivered in the afternoon

What is standard mail (previously titled bulk mail)?

  • Standard/Bulk mail (lower rate) must consist of 200 pieces. Please call Paula Adkinsat 4489 for information on cost savings through automation discounting.

UPS shipments

UPS Form [PDF]: Please fill out, print, and bring with the package.