Cedarville's Post Office

Outgoing Mail




  • Address for US Mail:

    [Your Name (no nicknames)]
    251 N. Main St. # [Your Personal Box # ]
    Cedarville, OH 45314

  • Street Address for UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. Deliveries:

    First and last name (no nicknames)
    251 N. Main St. #[Your Personal Box#]
    Cedarville, OH 45314


Mail Departure

Mail is sent out 6:30am and 1:30pm Monday-Friday.
The mail goes to the Cedarville Post Office (downtown) where it leaves at 4:30pm.

Available Services


  • Priority and USPS packages (Shipping and Receiving)
  • Stamps for purchase
  • Full service addressing, barcoding, folding & inserting into envelopes. Call 937-766-4489 for more information to schedule your mailing.




  • You may send packages USPS from the P.O.
    Bring your box/package ready to mail
  • UPS
    Accept packages with preprinted postage paid labels.
  • FedEx
    Packages picked up daily with preprinted, prepaid postage for personal use.
    Departments may prepare thir FedEx mail online using the University Account Number. Contact the P.O. for further information.

Intracampus Mail

  • All items must have First and Last Names with PO# written on them.
  • Do not mail items smaller than 3x5.
  • Do not use campus mail to:
    • Exchange books
    • Advertise
    • Send money (If you must, give the envelope to a clerk at the front window)
    • If you send more than five pieces at a time, it must be in box or numerical order and bundle your mail.



    University Post Services Supervisor, Paula Adkins Contact via e-mail
    Postal & Print Services Manager, Tammy Slone Contact via e-mail