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Recreation Center Policies

General Facility Policies

  1. Only members, pass holders and sponsored guests may utilize the Recreation Center.
  2. Everyone using the recreation/athletic facilities and/or participating in the Campus Recreation Program does so voluntarily and at their own risk.
  3. Cedarville University is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We strongly recommend that all valuables be locked up in a locker.
  4. Modest and appropriate attire is required (see Section F).
  5. No one may teach, train or help others in the facility for pay outside of the Campus Recreation Program, the ESS Program, or the Athletic Department.
  6. All accidents must be reported to the Rec Center supervisor.
  7. No food, gum, or beverages are allowed in the activities areas. Bottled water is the only exception and it must be kept closed except when drinking.
  8. No tobacco or alcohol is allowed.
  9. Participants are encouraged to report any maintenance or repair needs to the Rec Center supervisor.
  10. Patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a God honoring way and in a manner that does not distract from or disrupt other patrons.
  11. The Director or Assistant Director must clear all posters, flyers and signs before being posted.
  12. The Director, Assistant Director or any one of the Rec Center supervisors have the right and responsibility to remove anyone from the facility who fails to abide by any of the facility policies.