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The weightlifting room at Cedarville

Doden Field House Policies

  • Users must show a valid Cedarville University ID or pass at the control desk before entering the Doden field house.
  • During normal use, patrons may only enter and exit the field house via the Fitness Center. The doors inside the field house are for special events and emergencies.
  • Only clean, dry, non-marking athletic shoes are permitted when using the field house.
  • Soccer balls, baseballs, softballs, frisbees, and footballs are not permitted in the field house except during athletic team practices or scheduled activities with the divider nets down.
  • Basketballs, volleyballs, and other sports equipment can be checked out from the equipment room with a valid ID card or pass. When the equipment room is closed, some equipment can be checked out from the control desk. There are several older basketballs and volleyballs which are kept out in the field house in a cart. These balls may be used without an ID card. Please return these balls to the cart when finished playing.
  • Grabbing of basketball rims is not permitted. Anyone found hanging on a basketball rim may be asked to leave.
  • The field house may be closed for special events, classes, or varsity sports practices. Please abide by any posted signs.
  • An updated field house schedule should be available at the control desk.
  • Questions should be directed to the Rec Center supervisor on duty, one of the student employees, or the director.

Spike Usage on the Doden Field House Track

  • 1/8-inch pyramid spikes for regular track shoes and 1/4-inch pyramid spikes for recessed track shoes will be permitted for the following groups:
    • Cedarville University track teams during track meets and some practices
    • Visiting teams for high school and collegiate track meets
  • No other groups will be permitted to use spikes of any kind.
  • Spikes are not permitted on bleachers or non-track (smooth) areas of the floor.