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Is Your Student Planning to Work on Campus?

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Barista serving customer coffeeCampus jobs, which are available in nearly every department on campus, allow students to earn an income that will help fund their Cedarville education or provide some additional spending money. In addition, University departments rely upon our students’ excellent skills and services to keep their operations running efficiently while providing valuable hands-on work experience.

If your student plans to work on campus, be sure to read the following important information:

Required Documents — Don't Leave Home Without Them

For students who would like to work on campus, be sure they bring the required documentation and identification when they arrive on campus. This will avoid calls home for you to mail the required items and, more importantly, ensure there are no unnecessary delays in their starting work.

Please refer to our Student Employment Resources web page. You’ll find a complete list of required documents, work eligibility rules, and more to help your student prepare for campus employment.

Getting Paid — 2 Options Now Available

Starting this academic year, student-workers will no longer have the option to receive paper checks. They will have two options for receiving their pay:

  1. Direct deposit
  2. Dayforce Wallet

If they plan to use direct deposit, be sure they bring banking information with them (or can access it).

Dayforce Wallet is a free, easy-to-use mobile app that transfers all or part of the student's pay onto a Dayforce Prepaid Mastercard that is then available for them to use to make purchases or withdraw cash. As an added bonus, students can request pay on-demand one time each pay period. For new employees, the first check is required to go on Dayforce Wallet. Student-workers will receive instructions on setting up and using Dayforce Wallet.


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