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Student Job Descriptions - Yearbook

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Copy Staff

Number of Jobs: 10      Available: 9

The copy staff is responsible for the many stories that are written throughout the book. While knowledge of grammar and punctuation are important, writers should also be able to report on campus events in an interesting and unique manner. Staff members are paid by the story and how well the story meets expectations.

Layout Staff

Number of Jobs: 1      Available: 0

The layout staff is responsible for working with the layout editors to produce the pages of the yearbook. These staff members select the pictures to be used in the yearbook and must be able to spend time in the office when necessary. The layout staff receives their pay based on meeting their deadlines and their quality of work.

Photography Staff

Number of Jobs: 6      Available: 0

The photography staff is responsible for all the pictures that are used in the yearbook. Staff members would need to be available to attend school events as necessary.

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