Cedarville professor discusses politics in front of camera

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You don’t need to watch the evening news or surf the Internet long to recognize that today’s political climate is volatile. Who’s right, who’s wrong, and should it even matter to us as Christians, anyway?

Cedarville University’s Center for Political Studies is made up of faculty members who are committed to offering an educated, distinctly biblical response to current political and social issues. The Center also connects Cedarville University to the political world by sending students to Washington, D.C., to work and study; bringing expert speakers to campus; and conducting Christ-centered research.

Peruse our site to read through our blog posts, listen to past guest speakers, and more and discover how we as Christians can respond to the current political atmosphere we find ourselves in today.

Bereans at the Gate

Election 2020 Right Now

We are still a few months away from actual votes being cast, but the presidential campaign is taking shape. Much can change between now and February, when the Iowa Caucus happens. Current polling is also a bit speculative since most voters are not... Read more »

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