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Cost Information for 2020–21

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Undergraduate Costs and Financial Aid

At Cedarville, we are doing everything we can to make a high-quality, Christian education affordable and accessible for families. Along with competitive costs that are below the national private college average, Cedarville provides a wide range of financial aid options to assist students and families. Last year 100 percent of new freshmen received institutional scholarships, with an average of $17,950 in scholarship and grant aid from all sources (students who completed the FAFSA also had access to Federal Student Loans).

Academic scholarships range from $6,000 up to $20,000 per year and are renewable for all four years as long as the student meets the required GPA. These generous scholarships can be combined with need-based scholarships, academic program scholarships (music and pharmacy students, for example), athletic scholarships, and other forms of aid.

Direct Charges Before Financial Aid
(billed per term on student invoice)
Fall '20 Spring '21 Annual
Block Tuition 1 (12–17 credits per semester) $16,182 $16,182 $32,364
Student Fee (weighted average) 100 100 $200
Room 2 2,245 2,245 4,490
Board (weighted average) 1,716 1,716 3,432
Total Direct Charges Before Financial Aid 3 $20,243 $20,243 $40,486
Estimated Scholarships and Financial Aid
(calculated based on average awards received by 2019–20 new freshmen)
Average Scholarship Package $8,975 $8,975 $17,950
Federal Student Loans (freshmen/first year transfer) up to $5,500
Total Estimated Aid $11,725 $11,725 $23,450
Estimated Remaining Balance $8,518 $8,518 $17,036

How much financial aid am I eligible to receive?

1 Students studying in the Industrial and Innovative Design program at the International Center for Creativity campus in Columbus, Ohio, pay a program-specific, increased block tuition rate of $17,682 per semester.
2 Townhouse residents will be charged a higher room rate.
3 Course fees, if applicable, appear on the student invoice

Estimated Variable Costs
(these costs are not billed on your student invoice)
Fall '20 Spring '21 Annual
Textbooks and Supplies $649 $649 $1,298
Personal Expenses 921 921 1,842
Transportation 325 325 650

Tuition Rates Per Credit Hour for 2020–21

2020–21 Part-time and Overload Tuition Rates
Part-time (1–11.5 credits per semester) $1,225 per credit
Overload (17.5+ credits per semester) $837 per credit
Auditing tuition per semester credit $495 per credit
Summer 2020
Summer tuition per semester credit $831 per credit
Summer online tuition per semester credit $712 per credit
Summer room and board per week $254