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Why Pharmacy at Cedarville?

Proven Reputation: Cedarville's expertise in the sciences, including the health professions, has characterized the University for more than 30 years. Employers and graduate schools eagerly recruit our alumni. Our graduates have readily gained admission to some of the nation’s leading graduate, medical, and professional schools. The University has served prepharmacy students for many years, equipping them to continue their education at pharmacy schools around the nation.

Successful Track Record: Cedarville has a proven reputation for launching successful, accredited professional programs. In response to the demand from constituents for a Christ-centered nursing program, Cedarville began a B.S.N. degree in 1981. When constituents asked for engineering, the University responded with the establishment of two engineering degrees (B.S.E.E. and B.S.M.E.) in 1990. Computer engineering was added in 2002 (B.S.Cp.E.). Athletic training was initiated in 1994. All of these programs have earned and maintained national professional accreditation by their respective accrediting associations. The school of pharmacy has already begun working closely with the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), the Ohio Board of Regents, and the Higher Learning Commission, the accrediting agencies involved in approving new pharmacy programs.

Critical Need: The demand for pharmacists is projected to exceed the anticipated supply, according to a December 2008 report published by the Department of Health and Human Services. This demand, when coupled with the expanding roles of pharmacists in health care, promises to provide you with a rich and rewarding career of serving patients with Christlike compassion.

Preferred Admission: Cedarville's direct admission approach gives you preferred admission to the school of pharmacy as an incoming student, provided that you meet the continuation requirements in your prepharmacy curriculum. As a result, you can plan ahead, rather than wonder about the future. Additionally, you can focus on learning, not competing, during your undergraduate years, enjoying fully the rich collegiate experience for which Cedarville is known.

Experienced Faculty: Cedarville's distinct mission has attracted faculty with exceptional credentials to invest their lives in students like you. Possessing a love for Christ and for students, these pharmacy professionals bring a wealth of professional and academic experience to the classroom. And because of the low student to faculty ratio, you will enjoy close relationships with them.

Distinct Mission: Cedarville prepares competent professionals who will bring a compassionate, biblical perspective to their profession, particularly in regard to critical bioethical issues. More than 100 schools now offer pharmacy programs. Few of these have any type of Protestant Christian higher education affiliation. None are as theologically conservative as Cedarville University. Our unique Christ-centered stance will provide you with an exceptional and unique preparation for a successful career in pharmacy: we embrace the inerrancy and authority of the Scriptures, require a profession of faith for students, include a minor in Bible as part of the required curriculum, offer vibrant daily chapels, and sponsor an extensive program of voluntary Christian ministries.

Biblical Integration: Your academic program will be strengthened by the incorporation of the Scriptures throughout your coursework. Cedarville’s commitment to the authority of the Bible is the basis for discussions on medical ethics, the sanctity of life, origins, and the balanced integration of faith and learning. As a result, you will be equipped to influence your profession and culture for Christ.

Prepharmacy Curriculum: The three-year prepharmacy curriculum offers several benefits. First, it features all the basic science courses you will need for your graduate work in pharmacy. Second, it includes pharmacy courses in every semester, helping you learn about the profession while gaining important foundational knowledge for your professional education. Third, in contrast to most pharmacy programs that involve at least four years and a bachelor’s degree, it equips you for graduate study after just three years, saving you a year of time and undergraduate tuition. And fourth, it features the rich Cedarville core, including the Bible minor, designed to provide you with the intellectual breadth and spiritual grounding you will need to flourish in life.

Professional Curriculum: The four-year professional curriculum, designed to meet the latest accreditation standards and including contemporary topics in pharmacy, features a modular approach, enabling you to master course content progressively. Coupled with a class schedule that facilitates extensive practical experience and small-group learning with faculty mentors, this educational experience provides exceptional preparation for your career as a pharmacist.

Affordability: Excellent scholarships and grants that recognize your academic achievement make Cedarville’s world-class, Christ-centered education affordable. This financial aid, when coupled with a seven-year (as opposed to eight-year) curriculum, contributes to making your pharmacy education at Cedarville more affordable than many schools.

Student Satisfaction: In a recent national student satisfaction survey, Cedarville was ranked #1 among all participating colleges for commitment to academic excellence, career services, computer resources, and more. Our students love it here. We believe you will, too!

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Featuring up-to-date, technology-equipped facilities, Cedarville is known for its beautiful, 780-acre campus in southwest Ohio. The School of Pharmacy is housed in the 85,000-square-foot Health Sciences Center, which is equipped with the latest in healthcare instructional technology.

Motivated Classmates: Cedarville students often indicate that the best thing about the University is the students. Coming from nearly every state and many countries, these committed Christian young people are among the sharpest in the nation. With average ACT or SAT scores that rank them in the top 15 percent of college-bound students nationally and a drive to grow in their walk with God, your classmates will sharpen you, academically, personally, and spiritually. And beyond that, they will become your friends, one of life’s greatest treasures!

Global Perspective: For more than 40 years Cedarville has sent hundreds of students around the world to serve during breaks. Through lectures and presentations, you will find this same cross-cultural, global perspective in your pharmacy courses, as well as through opportunities to gain pharmacy experience abroad.

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