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Academic and Achievement Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria
(see notes below)
Academic Awards
Access Grant
31+ ACT / 1360+ SAT
and 3.75 HS GPA
Student identified as a National Merit
or National Achievement finalist/semifinalist
President's Scholar Award
Through generous gifts from our donors along with budgeted institutional funds, the University offers Access Grants to help cover students' unmet financial need. Completion of the FAFSA is required, and awards are calculated annually.
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27+ ACT / 1210+ SAT
and 3.5 HS GPA
Chancellor's Scholar Award
25+ ACT / 1130+ SAT
and 3.2 HS GPA
Dean's Scholar Award
22+ ACT / 1020+ SAT
and 3.0 HS GPA
Faculty Scholar Award
All other students Not eligible
Notes: Scholarship decisions are based on GPA and test scores received by Cedarville by April 15.
  • GPA: Unweighted HS GPA (using 4.0 scale)
  • Test Scores: Best one-day test score
    • ACT: Composite score for a single test date
    • SAT: Math + Critical Reading scores for a single test date
  • Some institutional awards are partially funded by generous donors to the University. Students will be notified by the fall if a donor contributed to any portion of their awards.
Spring Starts:
  • Scholarship decisions are based on GPA and test scores received by Cedarville by October 15.

Awarded fall and spring terms only, these awards are available for up to eight (8) semester of attendance or through the completion of the first professional year of the pharmacy program, whichever comes first. All awards require full-time attendance.
*Students may be eligible for additional scholarships (Athletic, One Campus, Presidential Leadership and/or program specific)

Academic Program Scholarships are associated with select academic programs (Pharmacy, Music, Worship, ROTC, and others). These are awarded by faculty within each department.

Athletic Scholarships are awarded to top-performing athletes on an individual basis by the coaches.

One Campus Scholarship. The One Campus Scholarship is awarded to students seeking to enhance the Cedarville community through their personal experience and appreciation for ethnic and cultural diversity. An application is required.

Presidential Leadership Award. Celebrating Cedarville's strong support for the local church and those who invest their lives in full-time ministry, this scholarship is awarded to selected students whose parent is in full-time ministry and who demonstrate excellent Christian character and leadership abilities. An application is required.

SBACS Scholarship. Cedarville's School of Education and the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools are offering two full-tuition scholarships.

Foster Care Scholarship. This generous scholarship is awarded to one new student each year who has grown up in the foster care system of Ohio and is now seeking to enroll at Cedarville. An application is required.

GO TELL Scholarship. Cedarville University and GO TELL Ministries are offering two scholarships (one for a new student and one for a returning student) that total $5,000 each. For additional information, please contact Becca Aldrich at 770.622.5600, ext. 20.

Rev. James D. Parker Sr. Young Leader Award. Cedarville's Office for Intercultural Leadership and the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association (FBFA) are offering one, full-tuition scholarship.

Dr. S. L. Sherrill Honorary Scholarship. Five $2000 scholarships will be offered to students from North Raleigh Christian Academy.

Donor-Funded Scholarships. Donor-funded scholarships allow donors to meet individual student needs through annually funded or endowed named scholarships. Donors are able to determine criteria and preferences for their named scholarships.

Donor-funded scholarships may underwrite the funding of a student's existing academic or need-based aid or, depending on the wishes of the donors, may be awarded in addition to other institutional aid.

  • To be considered for most donor-funded scholarships, candidates must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and/or specific scholarship application as required.
  • If a donor-funded scholarship does not require an application, all accepted and enrolled Cedarville University students who meet the scholarship criteria will be considered.
  • The Executive Director of Financial Aid and/or a scholarship committee of Cedarville University faculty and staff select recipients.
  • Unless noted as a one-time award, donor-funded scholarships may be renewed for subsequent years if the recipients continue to meet the criteria (however, renewal is not guaranteed)

Tuition Remission Scholarships: Cedarville University offers two Tuition Remission programs for full-time faculty, staff, and administrators of both Cedarville University and other Christian universities.

Transfer Student Aid is awarded to transfer students based on various awarding criteria.

Cedarville University seeks to use institutional funding wisely in order to allow more students to receive funding. There may be instances where a student has scholarships and grants (institutional and outside) that exceed direct University charges. Thus, in cases where a student�s total financial aid (gift-based aid) is above direct University charges, Cedarville will reduce other forms of institutional gift-based aid so as not to exceed your bill amount.

A student must be enrolled full-time to receive institutional aid. 12 hours is considered full-time for undergraduates. Enrolling in less than 12 hours will result in institutional aid being fully rescinded.