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How a College's Graduation Rate Can Save You Money

How a College's Graduation Rate Can Save You Money

January 10, 2019

Grad cap on pile of moneyWe all know students who started their four-year college journey… six years ago. Whether they are struggling to pass classes, basking in the learning experience, or simply switching their major too many times, their college education can quickly acquire an even larger price tag when eight semesters turn into twelve.

One of the best ways a university can save you money is to help your student graduate on time. Consider the additional costs if students take five or more years to finish. Consider the cost if they never complete their educational goals!

Although national graduation rates are not directly comparable to a university's own graduation rate (e.g., students who start at one college, transfer, and graduate at another would be included in national rates, but not a university's own reported graduation rate), graduation rates remain a good measure of a university's academic quality and commitment to student success. It's no surprise that U.S. News & World Report's annual ranking of "Best Colleges" uses graduation rates in its quality formula.

With graduation rates available to the public, be sure to ask the colleges you are considering about this important measure!

In 2017 Cedarville's graduation rate was third highest among all colleges included in U.S.News' list of top Midwest regional colleges – an important recognition for us, but more importantly, a promise delivered for our graduates and their families. And our graduation rates continue to be well above the national average.

Your student's offer of admission to Cedarville University is just the start of our commitment. Cedarville will begin investing in your student's future the minute they arrive on campus. The first week, every freshman takes a free Career Direct assessment to be sure they start off in the right direction. Their faculty adviser then guides them through their academic plan. Walking across the stage at commencement is a significant achievement, and we will celebrate with your student all the way. Their goal accomplished, your student will be equipped to take a confident step into the future.

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