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It's Time for the Hand-Off!

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Welcome home.

Some of our Parent Prep readers are about to be parents of a new Cedarville University student! We have enjoyed sharing information and resources with you throughout this year. It will be exciting to meet you and your new student (along with more than 1,000 others!) when you arrive on campus for Getting Started in August.

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The Synergy Initiative: Equipping Students to Plant Churches

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The Synergy Initiative.

In recent years, our nation has seen a dramatic decline in church attendance, and many churches have closed their doors for good. We need Christians who are equipped and willing to answer the call to revitalize and multiply churches.

Read today's post to see what Cedarville is doing about this alarming trend.

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Students Encouraged to Get Involved in a Local Church

Monday, May 13, 2024


Cedarville University is privileged to care for the spiritual growth of some of the best university-aged students on our planet. We take this charge very seriously.

One of the elements in the spiritual growth dynamic here at Cedarville is seeing to it, as best we are able, that each student connects with a local church. The years of their academic training could leave them separated from any type of effective fellowship with the body of Christ, except for what takes place within the boundaries of our campus. Chapel is exciting and distinctive to a Cedarville education, but it does not take the place of the local church.

Read today's post to learn more about local churches that students call home away from home.

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Shopping for Your Student's Dorm Room

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Dorm LifeYour to-do list to prepare for your student's college experience is probably getting long. One easy — and fun — thing you can start doing is preparing for his or her residence hall room!

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Reservation Deposit Due Soon

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Yellow Jackets logo with text overlay - You should be a Yellow Jacket this fall! Deposit. Confirm your place by May 1.

It is hard to believe, but May 1 is upon us! The reservation deposit is due next Wednesday.

If your student has been admitted to Cedarville but has not yet submitted the reservation deposit, now is the time to take that next step by faith, affirm your college choice, and start what will be an amazing academic journey!

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Shop Online Campus Store for Graduation Gifts and More!

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Campus Store logo.

If you're looking for graduation gifts for your future Yellow Jacket, check out the online Campus Store! You'll find a variety of Cedarville-branded apparel and gifts to get your student ready for the fall. Your student will also be able to purchase course materials from this site later. Use coupon code GRADUATE24 at checkout to receive a 15% discount* on a single item. Start shopping now!

*Online only. Excludes textbooks, nursing scrubs, and diploma frames. Valid through July 31, 2024.

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Choosing a Residence Hall and Roommate

Friday, April 12, 2024

Girls in dorm room sitting on bed and chairs with open notebooks on their laps

Is your admitted student ready to choose a Cedarville residence hall and select a roommate? We’ve made it easy! 

Your student’s personalized Accepted Student Portal has all the resources he or she will need to easily transition from home to a residence hall room on campus. If you have any questions about the housing selection process, contact us at 1-800-CEDARVILLE. Your student’s admissions counselor will be happy to help!

Be sure to pay your student's reservation deposit by the May 1 deadline.

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Consider the Early Start June Term for Freshmen

Friday, March 29, 2024

Students working on assignments

Students who plan to enroll as freshmen this fall can join other incoming new students for our Early Start June term from June 8-22, 2024. During this two-week residential experience, students will take one general education course while they meet new friends and get to know campus better.

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Making Sense of Your Student's Financial Aid Award

Friday, March 22, 2024

Financial Aid 101

Cedarville University will begin sending financial aid emails in the next few weeks through our online notification system. Today's ParentPrep post provides additional information for those of you who are awaiting these important pieces of information.

Don't hesitate to contact our office at 1-800-233-2784. Your student's admissions counselor will also be calling to review your financial aid package and address any remaining concerns or questions.

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Accessing Cedarville Orientation Information

Monday, March 18, 2024

Accepted student portal.

We’ve created a brand-new Accepted Student Portal that is personalized just for your student! This online resource alerts you to recommended and required steps for incoming freshmen, like residence hall and roommate selection, financial aid, class registration, Getting Started orientation weekend, and much more! Each completed task moves you one step closer to your arrival at Cedarville University in August.


P.S. Reminder: The deadline to submit the reservation deposit is May 1. With near record deposits already for fall, those who send in their deposit after the deadline may be placed on a waitlist.

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Summer Academic Camps

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Girls working on mannequin at nursing campYour student’s college experience is just around the corner. It's time for them to explore their options and prepare for the future … all while having an unforgettable summer experience, full of new friends and great memories! That's exactly what Cedarville’s summer Academic Camps will let them do! 

While your student explores a career field, camp faculty will challenge them to make their career their calling. They will be challenged to consider how their gifts, skills, and interests can make a difference in this world for Christ. We've packed the schedule with fun activities, too, so students return home with new friends and great memories!

Read today's post to find out how your student can apply and register to become a part of Cedarville University's summer experience today!

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5 Questions to Ask About College Dorm Life

Friday, March 8, 2024

Dorm LifeChoosing a major, figuring out a financial plan, and researching the spiritual climate are all important steps in choosing a Christian college. However, there is another vital piece that your student must consider — dorm life!

As you and your student are looking at different colleges, you’ll quickly discover that not all dorm life is created equal. In today's post, we offer 5 questions that you should ask about dorm life at each of the colleges that your student may be considering. And, you'll discover what makes Cedarville's residence life truly unique!

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Cedarville Financial Aid Notifications and Your FAFSA

Thursday, February 29, 2024

FAFSA logoThe 2024–25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form opened December 31, 2023. The site is now available, but we still hear reports of families experiencing challenges completing the form. The Department of Education is continuing to address issues, so don't give up!

While families have seen delays in submitting the FAFSA, colleges are also in a waiting pattern. We now expect to begin receiving FAFSA results around mid-March.

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How a College's Graduation Rate Can Save You Money

Friday, February 23, 2024

grad cap on pile of moneyWe all know students who started their four-year college journey… six years ago. Whether they are struggling to pass classes, basking in the learning experience, or simply switching their major too many times, their college education can quickly acquire an even larger price tag when eight semesters turn into 12.

One of the best ways a university can save you money is to help your student graduate on time. Consider the additional costs if students take five or more years to finish. Consider the cost if they never complete their educational goals!

At Cedarville, we make it a priority to help students graduate on time, saving them money but more importantly, allowing them to begin using their career to make an impact for Christ sooner. Today's post provides helpful information about graduation rates and what to consider as you compare college options.

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Proof Positive: Announcing New Placement Rates

Thursday, February 15, 2024

98.7% of the class of 2023 was employed or in grad school within six months of graduation.

You’ve heard us talk a lot about the quality of a Cedarville education. We're excited to share new information that affirms the results of our efforts and the caliber of our students and alumni.

Learn more in today's post.

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Answering 5 Important Questions About College Affordability

Friday, February 9, 2024

College CostsWe understand that choosing a college for your son or daughter is a big decision. As you help your student work through the process, you probably have a lot of questions. In today's post, we provide thoughtful answers to five of the most common questions we hear from parents about college costs and affordability. As always, you may contact our Admissions office at 1-800-CEDARVILLE. We are here to serve you in any way we can!

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Growing Spiritually in College

Thursday, February 8, 2024

man standing on hill in front of sunrise with feet turning to roots in the groundAs a parent, you want your student to receive a high-quality education and be prepared to succeed in his or her chosen vocation. But as a Christian parent, you also want your student to grow in his or her faith and be transformed to live a life that honors God in everything they do. At Cedarville University, you can be assured of both.

In today’s post, guest writer Aaron Cook, Director of Discipleship Ministries at Cedarville University, shares how his experience as a student at Cedarville changed his life, and how Cedarville is still intentionally changing students’ lives today.

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Don't Let College Undermine Your Student's Faith

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Don't Let College Undermine Your Student's FaithYour student’s college years are critical to forming their worldview, and where they go matters. Will they choose a secular university with a humanistic worldview, a university that is Christian in name only, or a genuinely Christian university that will build upon the biblical worldview you have taught in your home? In a newly released video, Dr. Thomas White, President of Cedarville University, discusses how to prepare your student for this critical college decision. He shares questions to consider to make sure your student’s faith stays strong during the important college years. The video is long but well worth your time.

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When Will Students Receive a Financial Aid Offer?

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

FAFSA formCedarville University plans to begin sending award notifications to fall 2024 new students as soon as possible after the Department of Education begins sending FAFSA results to institutions (we hope to begin receiving information in late January or early February). Having your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completed is the best way to ensure that we are able to award your student as much financial aid as possible.

The FAFSA opened on December 31, 2023, and has finished a "soft launch" rollout. If you have not yet completed it, we encourage you to do so soon. Remember, the FAFSA is required to access all need-based scholarships at Cedarville as well as state and federal grants and low-interest federal loans.

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4 Reasons Why Teaching Creation at a Christian College Is Important

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Creation: In the BeginningWhen it comes to their science departments, most Christian universities and colleges either ignore the issue of creation and Genesis altogether, or they promote theistic evolution or some other harmonization of Genesis. There are only a handful of schools that believe that Genesis is historically accurate and forms a foundation for science, the Bible, and Christian education. In today's post, Dr. John Whitmore, Senior Professor of Geology at Cedarville University, shares four reasons why Cedarville holds true to a biblical, literal six-day Creation, and why we always will.

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