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ROTC Opportunities and Scholarships

ROTC Opportunities and Scholarships

October 22, 2019

ROTC student in classIs your student interested in a military career someday? Cedarville University offers ROTC programs for the United States Army and Air Force. The ROTC helps students gain confidence and self-discipline that they will use throughout college and the rest of their lives, while preparing for a fulfilling career. It’s also a great way to help pay for college; full and partial scholarships are available.

Students can try ROTC during freshman and sophomore years without being obligated to serve in the military. If they decide they are up for the challenge, they will continue the advanced ROTC courses while completing their degree. They will graduate commissioned as an officer to serve on active duty or with the Reserves or National Guard.

The programs are open to all majors, but both branches have a high need for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors, as well as nursing.

Watch the video below as one student shares his life-transforming experience as a Cedarville ROTC member.

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