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What Do Recent Grads Say About Their Cedarville Experience?

What Do Recent Grads Say About Their Cedarville Experience?

May 10, 2019

CommencementWe’ve told you about Cedarvillle’s academic rigor and excellent career preparation. We’ve told you how daily chapel and the Bible minor inspire students to know God’s Word and apply it to every area of their life. And we’ve told you how intentional mentoring and discipleship programs challenge students to seek Christ first and honor Him with everything they do. But to truly understand the life-changing Cedarville experience, you've got to talk to our students.

Read below as recent graduates sum up their four years at Cedarville University. Then, imagine what your student will be able to say four years from now!

“Cedarville has challenged me spiritually and academically, and prepared me to be a light for Christ in my career."
– Tasha P. ’19

“Cedarville has transformed me, both academically and spiritually.”
– Charity B. ’19


“The Lord grew me immensely, and, though often unexpected, provided the sweetest friendships and greatest memories throughout my four years here at Cedarville. I will cherish this time and this place for the rest of my life.”
– Megan T. ’19

“Wouldn’t trade my four years for anything!”
– Mackenzie S. ’19

“Cedarville has given me the chance to be more confident in myself, my abilities, and my place in the world.”
– Shelby A. ’19

“You will be challenged emotionally, spiritually, and academically beyond what you think you are capable of, but it is the most loving push you will ever receive.”
– Katie R. ’19

“My time at Cedarville has been an incredible experience marked by excellent and challenging academics, amazing times of worship and spiritual growth in chapel, and a community that has given me friends I will have for life.”  
– Noah C. ’19

“Cedarville is an amazing place to grow in your walk with Christ while preparing for a career.”
– Katelyn W. ’19

“Cedarville is a place to grow into the mature person you want to be and most importantly, Christ wants you to be.”
– Taylor W. ’19

“Cedarville University is a university where excellence in academics and the Christian walk are blended into one valuable experience.”
– Chloe L. ’19

“It has been a life-changing experience where I have been challenged to grow spiritually, academically, and mentally through every part of my Cedarville experience.”
– Xavier H. ’19

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