2024–25 Music Program - "Soli Deo Gloria" Scholarships

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Note: This information is valid for new students entering Cedarville in 2024–25.

"Soli Deo Gloria" music scholarships of up to $8,000 per year are available to students majoring in music! This music scholarship can be combined with Cedarville University's other generous academic and need-based awards.

Determined as part of your audition to Cedarville's excellent music programs, the "Soli Deo Gloria" Music Scholarship celebrates your musical achievements and makes your Cedarville education affordable.


Declared music major (not available to music minors and non-majors)

Completed audition with music faculty (students must be accepted for admission to the University prior to scheduling their music audition)


Schedule audition with the music faculty


Up to $8,000 per year

  • Full-time enrollment as a music major (minimum 12 credit hours per semester at Cedarville)
  • Limited to eight semesters
  • Limited to fall and spring semesters only
  • This award may be combined with other scholarships and grants


Based on performance and discretion of the music faculty

Worship scholarships are available to students majoring in Worship.
Review additional Cedarville aid opportunities (merit, need, diversity, etc.).