Pell Grant

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The federal Pell Grant is evaluated each academic year based on the student’s FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and the resulting Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) calculation.

The annual Pell Grant amount is based on:

  • The student's FAFSA EFC calculation
  • The student's enrollment status each term as of the term census date (full-time, three-quarter-time, half-time, or less-than-half-time)
  • The University's cost of attendance

Information for the 2024-25 year Pell Grant should be available February 2024:

  • For the current 2023-24 year, to be Pell Grant eligible the FAFSA EFC must be 6,656 or less and the student must meet all other Pell eligibility requirements.
    • The maximum Pell Grant is $7,395 for an EFC of 0 when enrolled full-time.
    • For full-time students at Cedarville, the Pell Grant Amount ranges from $767 up to $7,395.

Visit the Federal Student Aid website for additional information.


To obtain a federal Pell Grant, the student must complete the FAFSA and be within the EFC eligibility range for that specific academic year. In addition, a student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and must meet all other eligibility requirements.