2024–25 Pharmacy Early Assurance Scholarship

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Note: This information is valid for new students entering Cedarville in 2024–25.


Each student who receives entry to the School of Pharmacy's Early Assurance Program and enrolls in the BS Pharmaceutical Science Program is awarded this scholarship.


No separate application required.


$5,000 per year

  • Active enrollment in the BS Pharmaceutical Sciences program
  • Full-time enrollment required (minimum 12 credit hours per semester at Cedarville)
  • Limited to six semesters of attendance (freshmen through junior year*)
  • Limited to fall and spring semesters only
  • This award may be combined with other scholarships and grants
  • Combined total of scholarships and grants (gift-aid) cannot exceed direct University charges


Yes, this scholarship renews as long as the student continues active enrollment in the undergraduate portion of the BS Pharmaceutical Sciences Program and maintains the continuation requirements as detailed on the Direct Entry Continuation Requirements tab of the Early Assurance Program page.

* Note: Students who complete their BS Pharmaceutical Science program in less than six semesters are not eligible to receive this scholarship once they begin their first professional year of study.