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Private Educational Loan

Private Educational Loans (PVL) are credit-based private loans that are obtained through a lending institution of your choice. If you pursue a PVL, you are limited to borrowing up to the cost of attendance minus other aid received.

  • NOTE: A PVL is not part of the federal direct loan program.
  • Cedarville University will process Private Educational Loans from any lender you choose.

1. Select a Lender & Complete the Private Education Loan Application

Using FASTChoice, an online tool provided by Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc., you may compare and select a lender. You may then complete an online application for a PVL using FASTChoice.

NOTE: Most of our students find they need a cosigner, which can be a relative or non-family relation. Some PVL lenders offer ‘Cosigner Release’ programs.

2. Loan Certification and Approval

After your online PVL application is submitted and approved, the lender contacts Cedarville's financial aid office to certify the loan.

3. Loan Funds Disbursed

Once the PVL is certified by Cedarville University, and the lender sends the loan disbursement information, the funds will disburse to your account.