Marc Clauson

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Marc Clauson, Ph.D.

Professor of History and Law


Prior to coming to Cedarville, Dr. Clauson served as Assistant Commissioner, Department of Finance and Administration, State of West Virginia; and County Administrator, Wayne County, West Virginia. His research interests include intellectual history, history of political and economic thought, church history, the history of philosophical and theological anthropology in relation to political thought, markets and social justice, and constitutionalism. He is a member of the American Political Science Association, Southern Economic Association, Values and Capitalism Forum of the American Enterprise Institute, History of Science Society, and is a Fellow with the Nehemiah Institute. Dr. Clauson is ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America.

Media Expertise

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D. in History, University of the Orange Free State, RSA
  • J.D., West Virginia University College of Law
  • Th.M., Liberty University
  • M.A., in Church History, Liberty University
  • M.A. in Political Science, Marshall University
  • B.S. in Physics, Marshall University

Scholarly Works

  • Scottish Hermeneutical Method from John Knox to the Early Twentieth Century: Sacred to Secular (Marc A. Clauson) Faculty Dissertations (2002)
  • Rendering to God and Caesar: Critical Readings for American Government (Mark Caleb Smith, Jewerl Maxwell, Marc A. Clauson, et al.) Faculty Books (2014)
  • A History of the Idea of "God's Law" (Theonomy): Its Origins, Development and Place in Political and Legal Thought (Marc A. Clauson) Faculty Books (2006)
  • Values and Capitalism: Immigration (Bert G. Wheeler, Marc A. Clauson, Thomas S. Mach, et al.) Business Administration Events (2017)
  • A Moral Case for Markets? (Marc A. Clauson) Faculty Summer Grants (2013)
View a listing of scholarly works in the Cedarville University Digital Commons »


  • Running/biking
  • Reading
  • Watching trains (real ones)
  • Watching thunderstorms
  • Collecting books
  • Why Cedarville: My desire is to inculcate a Christian worldview in each discipline I teach. A Christian university such as Cedarville maximizes that opportunity.  


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Dr. Marc Clauson discusses the privacy issues with commercial genetic testing.

Corruption in Dayton?

Dr. Marc Clauson discusses the presence of corruption in local governments.

Truth or Consequences

Dr. Marc Clauson discusses various statements made by Michael Cohen and how they might affect the President, negatively or positively.

The Importance of Evidence

Dr. Marc Clauson discusses how important it is for police and prosecutors to have large amounts of evidence while prosecuting someone.

On Trump’s State of the Union

Dr. Marc Clauson address some of the potential outcomes and results of President Trump’s State of the Union speech.

White House Runs Through Ohio

Dr. Marc Clauson discusses the potential presidential run of Senator Sherrod Brown.

Can the President Pardon Himself?

Dr. Marc Clauson discusses President Trump and the ramifications of a president pardoning himself.

Dr. Marc Clauson on the Gubernatorial Election

Dr. Marc Clauson discusses the Ohio gubernatorial race and how the candidate are trying to align themselves with President Trump.

Trade War with Canada

Dr. Marc Clauson discusses the pros and cons of tariffs in Ohio.