Alumni Spotlights

Where are alumni now?

With the wide variety of major options in the Department of History and Government, we have graduates that go into many different careers. For a general description of career options associated with each degree, see our major program pages.

Cedarville Alumni Dan Magee

Alumni Spotlight - Dan Magee 2008

Dan Magee graduated from Cedarville in 2008 with a degree in history and political science. Dan used his time at Cedarville to prepare for law school.

Alumni Spotlight - Jon Decker 2009

Jon Decker is a 2009 graduate with a degree in Social Studies Education. Jon has roots in the Enon/Springfield area and has stayed close by since graduation.

Cedarville Alumni Ben Kanzeg

Alumni Spotlight - Ben Kanzeg 1997

Ben Kanzeg graduated from Cedarville in 1997 with a Social Science degree specializing in Secondary Education. Ben has served as a political aide to U.S. Representative Pat Tiberi.

Cedarville Alumni Kate Cella

Alumni Spotlight - Kate Cella 2010

Kate Cella, a 2010 alum with an International Studies degree, has published a second article in the online version of the prestigious Foreign Policy.