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Cedarville Model United Nations Students

Model United Nations

The Cedarville University Model United Nations (UN) team provides a co-curricular opportunity for students interested in careers related to government, diplomacy, and development. Every spring semester, this 16-member team participates in competitions designed to simulate international negotiation. In early February, the team competes in the Dayton Model UN Competition (DAYMUNC) with students representing different member states of the United Nations in an assigned committee. Then, usually in mid-March, the team engages in a scrimmage with the Model UN team of Wright State University. Finally, the team participates in the National Model UN (NMUN) competition in New York. All team members at NMUN compete as the same member state, with team members split into pairs that are then assigned to one of eight different UN committees.

As part of the team, you'll meet weekly to prepare for the competitions and to learn materials appropriate for a United Nations-related simulation. Key areas of student development include: public speaking, the ability to work in groups in stressful situations, writing and editing, and diplomatic relations with people from across the world—all while learning how to better exemplify Christ’s love.

In general, membership on the team is reserved for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. While History and Government students are well-suited for this type of co-curricular activity, students from all majors are welcome to express a desire to join the team. Selection of the team is limited, but interest in the program is welcome. Please reach out to Dr. Glen Duerr, the team’s coach and Professor of International Studies, for more information.

Mock Trial

The Cedarville University Mock Trial team offers students an opportunity to act as attorneys and witnesses in a simulated jury trial. Each year, the team prepares to prosecute and defend a criminal or civil case with an invented fact pattern. Students play the roles of attorneys and witnesses, delivering persuasive and compelling opening statements and closing arguments. The case file is created by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) and is used nationally, allowing our team to compete against other Mock Trial teams throughout the country.

As part of the Mock Trial team, you'll meet about two times per week in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Additionally, the team travels to one to two regionally located tournaments per semester. Mock Trial provides the opportunity to hone and develop public speaking, critical thinking, and teamwork skills in stressful situations. Additionally, it provides an excellent opportunity for those that may be interested in future careers in the legal profession to learn more about the trial process, and specifically, the role of an attorney. The team uses its efforts to mature in Christ and to learn to better exemplify Christ’s love in all of its endeavors.

Any Cedarville student is eligible to join; Mock Trial is not limited to any major and is open to all interested students, subject to a fall tryout. Please reach out to Professor Greg Thompson, the team’s coach and Professor of Criminal Justice, for more information.

Cedarville students participating in a mock trial