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March 13, 2020, Update

The Financial Aid Office looks forward to assisting you with financial aid related questions. Due to the precautions the University has taken for COVID-19, the preferred method of contacting the Financial Aid Office will be through email.

Please send your questions to "" with the student's name, Cedarville ID, and nature of your request in the subject line. Your email will be directed to the appropriate staff member to assist you. Parents of current students should include privacy permission code word in their email request. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

New for 2019-20 Financial Aid - Self-Service
New and continuing students attending Cedarville in the 2019-20 year may review their financial aid within the portal. Once logged in, simply select the 'financial aid' option to review specific financial aid information and take action:

  1. Complete any missing or required documents (FAFSA Verification, Loan MPN/Entrance Counseling, etc.)
  2. Record your loan decision(s) if packaged with direct loans

Cedarville University is committed to making its high-quality, Christian education affordable and accessible for undergraduate and graduate students. Along with competitive costs, Cedarville offers a range of financial aid options to assist students and their families.

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