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Writing Center Consultant

Number of Jobs: 10      Available: 10

Description of hiring process: You must apply for a job in fall semester and take the required training course Writing Center Theory & Training (ENG 3550) in spring semester before qualifying for a job. Thus, all positions are filled a year in advance. So as we accept applications in fall semester, we're looking to hire tutors for the following academic year, after tutor candidates then complete the spring training class. In addition, we expect all tutors to continue working in the writing center until they graduate. Plan ahead in your schedules! Competition for writing center jobs is keen, but all qualified applicants are welcome to apply. Please read carefully about the applicant prerequisite requirements for GPA, grade in freshman composition, etc. and application process on the Cedarville University Writing Center's website at Job Description: Writing Center consultants help writers at all levels of proficiency from all academic disciplines develop effective writing skills. Consultants work one-on-one with writers, adapting each tutoring session to individual writers' needs. The CU Writing Center is neither a proofreading service nor a classroom; thus, tutors do not proofread, edit, or grade. Instead, they discuss with students various approaches to improving their writing in general and their assignments in particular. At times, consultants also work with graduate students, faculty, and staff with their writing projects.

For these reasons, each potential consultant is required to go through a rigorous application process, then successfully complete the required tutor training course, Writing Center Theory & Training, ENG 3550-01, offered every spring semester. Please familiarize yourself with not only the job application process at the link above but also the Writing Center's mission and objectives before applying. In addition, please contact Prof. Isaac Mayeux via in August if you're interested in applying for a job and enrolling in the required spring class. Sophomores and juniors are best suited for the writing center job application.

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