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Did You Know? Facts About Master's Degrees

Group of graduates facing the stageDid you know that jobs that require a master’s degree at an entry-level are projected to grow by 15% between 2019 to 2029? Or that nearly 2/3 of students finishing a baccalaureate degree plan to complete a master’s degree? How about that nearly 1/4 of master's degree recipients in 2018-19 were underrepresented minorities, giving them a critical pathway to job security and higher pay?

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Think Before You Click: Protecting Yourself as an Image-Bearer – Clues to Spot a Sexual Scam

Girl clicking on cell phoneSextortion … revenge porn … catfishing … Did you know that college students are at a very high risk for all of these? (Yes, even Cedarville students!) And not just women are at risk – college-age men are increasingly finding themselves victims of sexual scams. Read this full post to find out about protecting yourself as an image-bearer by identifying clues to spot a sexual scam.

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Balancing Job, Family, and Grad School: 5 Principles for Christian Nurses

Nurse practitioner standing in front of patient“How do you do it?”

That was usually the question that people asked after they discovered that I was enrolled full time as a graduate student in the dual-track Nurse Educator and Family Nurse Practitioner focus areas in the M.S.N. program at Cedarville University. As a wife, mom of three under 12, contingent nurse at an inpatient hospital unit, adjunct clinical professor, and active member of the church, I understood why they were asking. When I felt the Lord calling me to pursue a degree as a nurse educator and family nurse practitioner, I entered with prayerful fear and trembling. Hanging over my computer — where I have spent countless hours (many during a pandemic and many during long nights) — were the following 5 guiding principles that helped me balance my job, family, and graduate school.

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Think Before You Click: Protecting Your Fellow Image-Bearers

Girl clicking on cell phoneAs we increasingly experience life through our online communities, we need to remember Jesus’ calling to love our neighbor as ourselves. Everyone on our social is our neighbor! Sexual harassment and abuse in our online spaces has dramatically increased. As image-bearers we cannot see online abuse as normal or less serious than what may happen in person. We each have the ability and voice to create a safe and respectful online space. But we must use it!

If you notice someone being harassed or abused in an online space, use methods of Bystander Intervention to Speak Up! for those who are experiencing online harassment and abuse.

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8 Reasons to Pursue an M.B.A. From a Christian University

There are a lot of options when choosing an M.B.A. As a follower of Christ, is it really that important to choose an M.B.A. from a Christian university? Isn’t business the same anywhere? Turns out it is not. 


Read about 8 reasons why it’s important to choose a Christian university as you pursue an M.B.A.


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Think Before You Click: Reflecting and Preserving the Image of God

Welcome to April! I love that in the month of April we get to experience how our Creator redeems the darkness of winter as He brings us the warmth and growth of spring. We have a God who seeks to renew and redeem the experiences of our lives, and He has called us to participate in His work of redemption as we bear His image to others. 

As we look for ways to participate in the work of redeeming the darkness, Cedarville University will be observing Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Our theme for this year is “Think Before You Click: Building Online Communities of Image-Bearers.”  

We have chosen this theme because as technology has become such a significant part of our everyday lives, a student’s risk to be exploited or experience harassment has increased. It is up to each of us at Cedarville to speak up to prevent sexual harassment and exploitation in the virtual community that we are currently living in.  

During this month we hope to provide practical tips on how to protect yourself from sexual scams and exploitation, how to protect others by understanding consent in the online world and through bystander intervention, and how to stay safe using dating apps.

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Future Success Depends on Innovation

Woman standing in front of whiteboard

According to a  McKinsey survey of top executives, 84% acknowledged that the future success of their companies will depend on innovation. That makes sense if you accept the most basic definitions of innovation: the activity of new ideas, products, and processes. 

The problems that businesses, startups, sole proprietors, corporations, ministries, educational institutions all face is that problems have become more complex and the timelines to address change is shorter than...

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Shortage of Clergy Coming?

Man standing in front of small group studyWe are living in challenging times. We have endured two years of a global pandemic, which has led to millions of deaths worldwide. We have experienced political and financial uncertainty in our nation. We have witnessed increased violence in our largest cities and now watch in horror at the loss of innocent lives in Ukraine. The world needs the message of hope found only in the Gospel. 

These challenging times provide opportunities for theologically trained, ministry-equipped individuals to make a difference in people's lives. Ministry leaders and pastors are desperately needed right now. 

Unfortunately, it is also a time when, according to a recent Relevant article, there is a shortage of clergy coming. The article cites an October study from the Barna group that found that 38% of pastors were at least considering leaving full-time ministry. The concern is even higher for Millennial pastors; around 50 percent of them are considering quitting. 

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What It Takes to Be an Engineer

Of all the college students who start out studying engineering, around 50% will change their major at some point during their college experience. It’s not for everyone. Engineering is a tough discipline and requires a specific skill set and personality.

So, what does it take to become an engineer?

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Pharmacist Shortage as Role Increases

Pharmacist assisting a customer with a question about and over-the-counter productThe recent COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the increasing role of today's pharmacists. No longer simply counting pills behind the counter, pharmacists are on the frontlines counseling patients and evaluating medication plans. With these increasing roles has come a greater demand for pharmacists, leading to a shortage of pharmacists across the country. According to a recent report from Fox News, 80% of independent pharmacies report having trouble filling positions. To combat this problem, pharmacies are offering huge bonuses — as much as $50,000 — to recruit new pharmacists.

The Cedarville University School of Pharmacy is equipping students through pharmacy excellence and Christlike compassion to meet this increasing demand. Students learn from and are mentored by professors who are highly credentialed, experienced, and godly pharmacists.

If you want a rewarding career with ample job opportunities where you can make a real difference in people’s lives, consider pharmacy. And consider a Doctor of Pharmacy from Cedarville University.

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