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Secure Document Upload Portal

If you need to send documents to the financial aid office, please use our Secure Document Upload Portal (also found on myCU). You must use a desktop/laptop computer to access this portal and use your student Cedarville login information to sign in. The financial aid office will receive and review these documents within 3–5 business days of being submitted.

Applying for Federal Loans

Please visit our Loans Overview page for specific information about the process required for each of the following loan types: Federal Student Direct Loan; Federal Parent PLUS Direct Loan; Alternative (Private) Loan; Nursing Loan; Schell Loan.

Charles E. Schell Loan Application

The Charles E. Schell Foundation, Fifth Third Bank Trustee loan is for junior and senior students with demonstrated financial need who are:

  • Citizens who are residents of Ohio, Kentucky, or West Virginia
  • Between the ages of 18 thru 25
  • Loyal to the United States and its institutions including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines
  • Honest, upright, intelligent, and of practical appearance
  • Maintain a minimum university Cum GPA of 2.0 or higher

Note: An exit interview will be required for recipients of this loan.

Application Form

Institutional Loan Application

Students who want to obtain either a short-term or long-term institutional loan must complete both the year-based application form and the Self-Certification form. Maximum: $2500.

Year-based application form:

Self-certification form:

International Student Financial Information Form

International students who are unable to complete the FAFSA should complete this form which is used to determine the student's ability to pay for college. This financial assessment is used to further determine eligibility for financial aid.

  • 2024–25 Form - PDF
  • 2023–24 Form - PDF

Ohio Residency Form

To be used by students to prove Ohio residency. This form only needs to be completed once.

Ohio Residency Validation Form

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP) regarding eligibility for full aid benefits (required by the US Department of Education).
Undergraduate SAP Policy PDF
Graduate SAP Policy PDF

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form - Online Application Form | Application Form PDF

Summer School Aid Application

This form is for students wanting to obtain financial aid for a summer term.
Summer Form

FAFSA Verification Worksheet (VWS)

This form is to be completed by students ‘Selected for FAFSA Verification Review’ by Cedarville University (these students are notified of their selection by Cedarville’s financial aid office).

2024–25 Forms:

2023–24 Forms:

Professional Judgement (Requests for Review)

Complete the appropriate form below pertaining to your family circumstance.

Special Circumstances

If you, your spouse, or your parent's financial situation has changed significantly since you filed for financial aid, please complete the appropriate form below and submit it to our office. Circumstances that may affect your or your family's financial condition include unusual medical expenses, death, separation/divorce, loss of benefits or support, loss of employment, reduction in income, or private school K-12 tuition.

Unusual Circumstances

Complete this form if a student, classified as ‘Dependent’ for FAFSA/financial aid purposes, believes they have circumstances which might qualify them to be considered ‘Independent’.